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New Referrals Starting in 2023

Over the Christmas period we were delighted to receive two more referrals for our discounted music tuition. Starting this month - we will have two new students starting guitar lessons at Harmonics Music in Crosby. Several of the trustees have grown up receiving music lessons from Harmonics tutors over the last decade and it brings us a real sene of joy that in Jacob’s memory, we are able to offer the same opportunity we had - to the young people of Sefton today.

Thanks to the generosity of so many of those who have been able to make a financial contribution over the festive period, we have the scope to process even more referrals and help more young people to access music tuition in Sefton. Remember that we offer discounted lessons across a range of abilities for acoustic/electric/bass guitar, ukulele, keyboard and music theory.

If you are a teacher, GP, social prescriber or youth leader in the Sefton area- please have a think if you know any under 18 year olds who would appreciate receiving discounted music tuition for a fixed amount of lessons. Once you have identified a student, please speak to their parent/guardian and explain what the JBT can offer- once you have consent, make your referral here.

During this current climate it is our collective responsibility as musicians and creative individuals to support our local young people in achieving their creative ambitions.

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