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Joint Trustee Statement

Over the past week, members of Jacob’s family have been taking part in an inquest into the tragedy that took place in September 2020.

Obviously, whenever this event is brought into the public eye once more, we find ourselves reflecting on the loss of someone who brought light into the world at every turn. 

All of the trustees at JBT send our love, thoughts and support to everyone undergoing this inquest, in particular Jacob’s parents, Jo and Keith. Jo has worked incredibly hard for this inquest to gain the traction that it has, and we thank her for her dedication, commitment and unwavering strength in the face of such a challenging situation. 

As always, the Jacob Billington Trust is proud to bear the name of someone who was taken from us far too soon, but left an impact that will last forever. We will continue to do our work and spread joy through the arts in Jacob’s name. 

His light will never go out 💙

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