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Super Student Shines!

A student that has been part-funded by the JBT at Scrapyard Studios has made amazing progress since starting their lessons!

For a few months now, we have had a part-funded student at Scrapyard Studios, taking singing lessons. Their name has been redacted for privacy reasons, but we got an update from Erin, their teacher. She said:

"They have made significant progress over the last 10 weeks with me, working on their passagio which is tricky to navigate at their age, and aspects of their overall vocal health and rep. Their musicality and confidence have grown and they are now working towards their LCM Grade 5 Musical Theater grades with their teacher in school. They are a very promising young singer".

We are thrilled to hear such positive feedback from lessons that we have been able to part-fund. Of course, this wouldn't be possible without your generosity. If you have donated any amount to JBT in any way, you are responsible for amazing stories like this.

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