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Students Continue to Shine!

Students that have been referred to the JBT are continuing to shine, and we want to share their progress with everyone.

We are eternally grateful for the donations we receive and we believe that you should see the amazing work that your donations make possible. So, we asked some of our partner music tutors and parents for feedback on how their students are progressing under JBT funding.

Scrapyard Studios

"My current student is developing well, her passagio is smoothing out nicely after some targeted breath work involving the splat method. She is currently working towards her grade 4 MT exams with her school teacher, this is also something I am supporting her with. We have also been working on some self accompaniment skills, Aural training (for exam support) involving intervals and simple chord recognition. I am really pleased with her development so far and can see her confidence growing".

In Another Place

"[Redacted] began music zone as a new guitarist and has demonstrated a persistence in learning and can now play songs with simple chords and tunes from tab. She recognised the connection between applying herself in practice and learning the instrument and has had times of more rapid improvement directly related to her practice. This has an impact on her engagement with other areas of her education and specifically, her regular attendance at music lessons has been a considerable factor in her re-engaging with school following a prolonged period of absence. She is also engaging socially with others who play or are learning guitar.".

As a charity, we are all so proud of the progress of the students we help. It makes us so happy to hear about the positive impact we can have that is only possible thanks to the generosity of you all.


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