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JBT x Bookshop Studios

We are very proud of the partners we work with in order to offer discounted creative arts opportunities throughout Sefton, and our new partnership with Bookshop Studios is an excellent addition to the ever-growing list of JBT supported businesses.

Bookshop Studios is a multi-purpose studio and rehearsal room venue based in Bootle. Jacob and his band the Vedetts used Bookshop Studios as a safe space to rehearse and write music during their time together.

John Price, who runs the studios, always made the band feel welcome and took a keen interest in their progression. John supports multiple local bands by offering affordable rehearsal spaces and is always on hand to support with equipment & sound tech.

Jacob rehearsing at Bookshop Studios.

The JBT are thrilled to announce that, from now on, we will be supporting any local band with members under the age of 25 access Bookshop Studios’ rehearsal spaces with a 50% discount. This makes a 4 hour rehearsal session just £15; making rehearsal spaces affordable for our local, young musicians. 

Danny with John from Bookshop Studios.

Chair of Trustees, Sam D’Auvin, said,

I am delighted we are partnering with Bookshop Studios. As part of the Vedetts, I have some fantastic memories of rehearsals in ‘Bookshop’. Being a young musician can be an expensive and cost prohibitive experience. When you’re just starting out, sometimes a band won’t even be covering their expenses when they get a paid gig. At the JBT, we want to do everything we can to make sure our local, younger musicians are able to access the same quality resources the Vedetts had, for a fraction of the cost.

John Price, from Bookshop Studios, said,

I am really pleased that Bookshp Studios will now be working in partnership with the Jacob Billington Trust. Jacob was one of our earliest customers when we first opened, and I'm glad that, in his memory, we'll be able to accomodate and help more young people in their musical journeys.

If you, or an artist you know, would benefit from the discounted rehearsal spaces, bookings can be requested via our website.


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